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Integrated B2B Lead Generation Services

Delivering you up to 54% increased ROI.

Integrated B2B lead generation or a multi-channel sales campaign. They are one and the same, but most importantly it can deliver your lead generation campaign an increased ROI of up to 54%.

The definition for an integrated B2B lead generation campaign is simply utilising more than one marketing tactic to create a highly-efficient marketing machine, to enhance leads generated and consequently sales conversions for increased profitability.

And the tactics used can be endless, including; SEO, telemarketing, trade show, PR, IP tracking, email, automated marketing and social media.

Firstly, we know that digital lead generation tactics such as IP tracking, marketing automation and email marketing have changed the B2B lead generation landscape by ensuring direct communications are timely and tailored to the buyers’ needs. But how B2B buyers consume and source information and promotional messaging has also shifted.

We know that many B2B buyers often start their purchasing journey online. From online research and self-educating, B2B buyers are engaging with brands through a variety of channels.  For this reason, to ensure your marketing messages reach your intended audience, adopting an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach can be fundamental to creating meaningful engagement with your target market.

The Benefits of Integrated B2B Lead Generation

  • Utilise multiple marketing tactics creates a halo effect. This is where the positive output of one marketing tactic provides a support mechanism and ultimate performance boost for the other channel activity = increased sales conversion
  • Increase market reach and brand recognition through a consistent and reinforced messaging
  • Ability to analyse marketing effectiveness and increase sales output
  • Build sales momentum through ‘drip’ and ‘trigger’ campaigns




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