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Marketing Automation

Streamlining your prospect engagement processes for increased lead conversion.

Marketing automation is a marketing and sales tool that automates many of your communications, lead generation campaigns and lead nurturing programmes.

The integrated solution enables companies to identify and nurture prospects using highly personalised, valuable content based on their online behaviours.

This helps convert these prospects into sales ready leads, and turn those leads into customers by enhancing the lead nurture process and prospect engagement to deliver a reduced lead cycle and up to 53% increase in ROI.ma-infographic-v2-jpg

But marketing automation is more than simply a email broadcast platform or CRM. It’s a highly intelligent solution that enables you to track and guide your prospect through the sales cycles, by nurturing them with highly-targeted communication, tailored to their motivations and stage of the sales cycle.

What does this mean? It mean that you can not only streamline many of your sales and marketing processes to enhance productivity, but it enables you to maximised your lead generation and telemarketing teams resource by focusing efforts on high propensity leads, which are most likely to convert, meaning shortening the lead time and substantially increasing the number of lead conversions and overall campaign ROI.

Benefits of Marketing Automation.

  • Provides a highly effective streamlined lead nurturing machine to deliver 50% more sales at 30% lower CPL
  • IP Tracking identifies returning and  previously anonymous leads, ensuring the continual development of the pipeline with already semi-engaged prospects
  • Gain a 360˚ view of channel effectiveness by revealing the lead source & subsequent ROI
  • Telephone activity can be focused on highly engaged, high-scoring leads with a high propensity to convert, meaning a shortened lead cycle and increased lead conversions
  • 53% increase in lead conversion vs traditional lead generation models

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