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Market Analysis & Strategic Business Planning

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

The importance of analysing the market and conducting strategic business planning cannot be ignored when developing your sales acquisition strategy, but where to start?

Have you considered the marketing landscape? What are the most appropriate delivery channels? What are your key objectives and KPI’s? What is the level of opportunity for the venture and forecast profitability?

First of all you need to define your sales strategy and its execution.  Not only because it will ensure a strong foundation for your campaign, but it will provide you with a clear strategic direction and measurable results.

You may have considered the overall marketing landscape, but have you also analysed your prospects’ buying behaviour and personas? Or the investment potential? All of which are key elements that will support the success of the outbound campaign. In addition, by developing a strong understanding of your market and how your prospects engage will also ensure that your outbound B2B lead generation campaign will deliver maximum cut through and ROI.

JMB has extensive experience in the analysis of markets, strategic planning and campaign delivery. From bespoke lead generation campaigns through to comprehensive business planning and financial modelling, whether you are looking to conduct strategic planning for sales growth, enter a new market or use the market intelligence to access funding, we will provide a tailored strategy for your individual growth objectives.

The Benefits of Strategic Planning:

  • A targeted strategic approach based on current market conditions
  • Clear, measurable objectives and transparent KPI’s
  • Detailed strategic delivery model and business plan
  • In-market expertise based on years of experience and successful campaigns
  • And finally, optimised campaign efficiency for enhanced ROI

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