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Sales Appointments & Meeting Programmes

Fully-qualified B2B sales appointments with sales-ready leads.

B2B sales appointment setting with fully-qualified, sales-ready leads is fundamental to the development of any organisation.

Yet setting a sales appointment with those hard to reach DMs requires skill, a strategic approach and a flexible resource.

At the JMB Partnership we specialise in generating high quality sales appointments with senior level decision makers across both Public and Private organisations from our variety of sectors.

Our in-house team of lead generators  will source, profile and nurture your sales pipeline to identify high-propensity prospects and convert to a qualified sales appointment with potential clients, partners or distributors. Meaning your internal teams can focus on attending high-quality meetings and converting to sales.

How do we do this? Years of industry experience and a proven formula for success. You tell us your ideal target profile and we’ll show you what’s required to secure those sales appointments.

Sales Appointment Setting from JMB

  • A strategic approach based on industry metrics and proven sales formula meaning total transparency in the calculated number of confirmed sales appointments
  • Sustainable business growth and continuous flow of sales appointments
  • Enhance operational efficiency – ensure your internal teams’ resource is focused on converting sales appointments rather than securing
  • Accelerated sales growth. With a dedicated team operating at peak efficiency and securing your sales appointment you will accelerate your sales pipeline and substantially increase your ROI
  • Lower risk and overheads. Utilising an experienced team to secure your sales appointments  avoids operational inefficiencies and greatly decreases the cost impact of recruitment

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