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Utilising Marketing Automation to Accelerate Sales

Our client is a multi-award winning mobile app developer & digital consultancy, working with both public and private sector clients.

Having successfully grown organically, our client recognised that in order to maintain a sustainable  growth, they needed to proactively generate sales leads and reach new audiences.

With an in-house marketing team, our client was conducting some email and content marketing campaigns to a historic sales pipeline. A pipeline which had not been nurtured, segmented, replenished or fully qualified. Meaning that despite investing in their marketing assets, there was no mechanism to identifying the effectiveness of the campaigns or the ability to generate or convert them into meaningful sales prospects.


  • Unqualified sales pipeline
  • No lead generation mechanism to identify new leads or convert existing
  • Limited, measurable lead nurturing strategy
  • Inability to analyse or monitor campaign effectiveness
  • Limited ability to forecast sales for long-term sales acquisition and sustainability

The JMB Approach.

Working in partnership with our client, JMB developed a strategic approach to ensure short and long-term objectives were achieved.

Statistically B2B telemarketing is one of the most effective tools within the marketing mix. It is a highly effective, measurable and flexible route to market.

However, in recent years, prospects’ buying behaviours have evolved and typically it can take between 8-15 touch points to engage a prospect into a buying cycle. Therefore, the lead nurturing process is imperative to enhancing conversion.

Consequently, an integrated campaign was adopted to enhance prospect engagement and optimise sales conversion.

Campaign Elements.

How Marketing Automation increases ROI

In a nutshell, by employing MA in a lead generation campaign facilitates highly-analytical lead ranking. Telemarketing efforts can then be focused on high-propensity contacts that present greater opportunities – resulting in lower lead time and greater conversion from the resource allocated to generate up to 53% increased ROI.

Data Asset Management

JMB cleansed the existing data assets and supplemented with a highly targeted qualified data set, ensured messaging was relevant for enhanced ‘cut through’ whilst extending their market reach.

All leads were monitored via the integrated CRM, providing a 360˚view of activity & the level of commercial opportunity.

Throughout the campaign, both current and future opportunities were captured, facilitating a continuous flow of new sales opportunities.

Revealing Anonymous and High Value leads

Integrated IP tracking also provided;

  • The ability to identify previously anonymous leads, ensuring the continual development of the pipeline with already semi-engaged prospects
  • Identification of prospect motivations for a highly personalised approach
  • An alert for the telemarketing team when ‘hot’ leads returned to the site
  • Analysis of the channel effectiveness by revealing the lead source & subsequent ROI

Content Calendar Development

Email marketing is paramount as 62% of contacts that interact with email content will ultimately purchase. It is also a highly effective mechanism for contributing to the ‘touch point’ requirement prior to conversion, which averages between 8-15 dependent on segment.

JMB developed a content calendar and corresponding workflows within the platform – designed to guide the user through the lead nurturing process and create a platform to communicate our clients ‘brand story’.

The emails broadcast were a combination of ‘thought leadership’, drip and operational. Prospects would automatically receive messaging based on their segment and online behaviours – ensuring content would be highly relevant and ultimately heighten engagement.

Drip campaign and A/B testing was also facilitated via the platform for continued campaign improvement and ‘cut through’.

Intelligent Telemarketing

Creating a direct relationship with prospects is paramount to building trust and ultimately converting sales prospects.

Recognising this, JMB utilised telemarketing to build direct relations with prospects and gain valuable insight into the level of opportunity and suitability of the prospect, which would not otherwise be accessible. It also acts as the catalyst for converting sales leads into confirmed meetings.

By utilising the insight provided by the Marketing Automation solution, the telemarketing resource could be focused on calling the highest scoring leads.

Meaning that the telemarketing resource was optimised by ensuring;

  • The leads were already engaged with the brands product/service proposition
  • The telemarketing team had a 360˚ view of the life of the lead, providing insight into their area of interest and ensuring a highly relevant approach tailored to the prospects motivations
  • Leads contacted via telephone had already partially accumulated the required touch points for conversion, thus equating to a shortened lead cycle

The Results.

  • Fully qualified meeting programme with organisations including;
    • Vodafone
    • Jewsons
    • Mastercard
    • Halfords
  • Proactive Lead Generation strategy and delivery mechanism for continued growth
  • Sales pipeline of current and future sales opportunities
  • Ability to monitor channel & communication effectiveness for continual improvement & optimised ROI
  • Insight into the sales cycle and touch points required enabled our client to map the prospect journey and its requirements for reduced lead times.

The campaign was highly successful in identifying and securing commercial meetings with fully qualified sales leads.

Regular content reinforced through personal engagement enhanced brand awareness, the clients offering and supported the prospect through the lead nurturing process, ultimately accelerating the sales cycle.

The behavioural insight provided by MA enabled the telemarketing team to focus on the highest propensity leads, ensuring the resource was focused on those who were most engaged and likely to convert – resulting in increased ROI in the telemarketing resource.

MA also provided a 360˚view of the campaign, channel effectiveness and the vital insight as to the type of touch points required in order to map the user journey from an unqualified contact to a confirmed sales meeting – creating increased efficiency, reduced lead time and ultimately improved campaign ROI.


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