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Resourcing UK operation to drive business growth.

Lopez Landa is a leading provider of full interior fit-out services. A Spanish company by origin, Lopez Landa has offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Following their success in home markets our client decided to expand internationally and selected the UK as their destination of choice.

Having undertaken initial research to establish the viability of the UK market, it was clear that there would be a need to establish a UK subsidiary and to seek a UK Managing Director to launch and drive the UK operation forward.

Lopez Landa appointed JMB Partnership’s recruitment team to carry out the recruitment campaign, to seek the ideal candidate and the Managing Director of the subsidiary in the UK.

The JMB Recruitment Approach

JMB held several meetings with Lopez Landa and seniors managers to define the candidate’s profile and ensure the JMB Recruitment personnel were fully equipped with the knowledge of Lopez Landa’s UK plans.

JMB also provided vital UK insight, such as salary and market expectations to support Lopez Landa in defining their ideal candidate.

A search & selection campaign was launched to address the recruitment brief. The search encompassed both candidates currently based in the UK and others based in Spain but with previous UK history.

Upon short-listing JMB Recruitment conducted initial interviews based on pre-agreed selection criteria.

The Results

JMB Recruitment identified a number of potential candidates to take to the final interview stages. This led to the appointment of a Spanish born construction industry professional who had been resident in the South of England for some years; and who was at a career stage appropriate to Lopez Landa’s needs and had the ambition to launch a new business whose success he could influence.

Following the successful recruitment campaign, JMB continued its partnership with Lopez Landa with the execution of a proactive sales & lead generation campaign to accelerate Lopez Landa’s UK business growth.

“After initial market analysis, it was clear that in order to drive our UK business operation forward, Lopez Landa would require Direction at a local level. JMB were instrumental in helping us to develop the profile of our ideal candidate and proactively identify suitable persons. At every stage JMB provided valuable guidance and support, helping to strengthen our UK operation.”

Guillermo Lázaro Baró, Lopez Landa, Managing Director


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