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Business Improvement District’s Membership Engagement Campaign.

Engagement, insight and member support is fundamental to the sustainability of any membership based organisation.

Understanding this, one of central London’s longest established ‘BID’ agencies selected JMB to conduct a membership engagement campaign.

Our role was multi-faceted. The primary task was to increase membership engagement by arranging one-one meetings for the Chief Executive and Business Manager to engage with senior business leaders of the member organisations, whilst also up-selling the multiple business services available to members.

The one-to-one meetings not only acted as a tool to bring the BID agency front of mind with their members, but is also a fundamental activity to gain member buy-in during the business consultation phase prior to the election period.

The JMB Approach.

JMB held several meetings with the BID agency to define the proposition, identify the key objectives and gain knowledge of the organisation.  A key part of our process when planning new client campaigns is to ensure the JMB team are fully equipped with knowledge of the product or service offering, and fully immersed within the brand culture. This ultimately enabled JMB to become an extension of the BID’s team.

JMB then commenced a comprehensive lead generation and membership engagement campaign, via telemarketing, to communicate the BID’s offering and their role within the business district. During this process, key objectives were to secure one-one appointments and upsell the services available to members.

Living & Breathing the Brand.

Whether a public or private sector organisation, it is imperative to have understanding of the organisation – it’s practical role, in addition to its brand values, persona and identity.

This campaign was no different. To be fully immersed in the BID’s brand culture, the project team spent time at the BID’s offices to become familiar with the district first hand and developed strong relationships with the BID’s service suppliers, enabling us to become a core element of the team.

PR Monitoring to Maximise Opportunity.

To ensure we connected and engaged with new members in the district as soon as possible, we enforced media monitoring to capture any new organisations that had moved into the area.

This enabled us to position the BID agency as a welcoming and informative voice of the area – bolstering the brand ID, whilst also acting as a catalyst for attending a meeting and up-selling services.

The Results.

JMB successfully created significant up-sell of the business service offerings, whilst securing over 100 engagement meetings with BID members.

Using a combination of calls, emails and strategic media monitoring the approach was highly successfully in creating strong engagement which was imperative to generating up-sell of services for revenue creation; in addition to providing insight in preparation for consultation.

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