Telemarketing is an essential component to securing highly qualified appointments, direct relations and Sales Ready Leads. It is a highly effective, measurable and flexible route to market.

Statistically one of the most effective tools within the marketing mix for producing tangible results and delivering high quality B2B Sales Leads, Telemarketing  is a highly effective, measurable and flexible route to market.

Stimulating new markets, identifying and capitalising on new bushiness opportunities is vital or any organisations growth. JMB Partnership’s skilled Telemarketeers, take a strategic approach to delivering high quality Sales Leads; nurturing prospects and utilising Relationship Marketing to deliver a continuous flow of Sales Leads.

We understand that each of our clients and their Lead Generation needs are different. Each of campaigns is developed on a bespoke basis, utilising our proven approach that has been refined over the years and generated multi-million pound sales pipelines for our clients.


Knowledge is King

Our team fully understand your business. JMB will work alongside you to build detailed knowledge of your organisation, your objectives, target markets and data pipeline, products, services and proposition, enabling us to become an extension of your internal team.

JMB specialise in selling high value, or complex products and services to senior business people, delivered by our team of highly skilled individual Sector Specialist, each with years of on the ground industry experience across the core sectors.

We will carefully select your Telemarketeer, based on experience, sector and campaign objectives.  Our team’s industry knowledge and experience enables us to develop in  intelligent dialogue and valuable relations with your prospects based on their specific requirements, ensuring all prospects have a full understanding of the offering, a specific opportunity has been identified and a constant number of high quality Sales Leads will be delivered.

B2B telemarketing, is just one of the integral components that contribute to a highly effective B2B Sales Lead Generation campaign. Many of our clients adopt an integrated approach by utilising Automated Marketing, Digital and Email Marketing Channels to increase prospect engagement and swiftly identify high propensity leads, reducing lead time and enhancing conversion rates.