Marketing Automation

Timeliness is one of the most critical components for successful lead conversion. For this reason Marketing Automation has become a fundamental tool within the marketing mix.

B2B buyers start their purchasing journey on-line, from various sources and at differing stages of the buying cycle. It is this timeline and the events that occur during the stages of the buying cycle that are critical to successful lead conversion.

JMB’s Marketing Automation software not only identifies the previously anonymous leads, but enables you to identify their individual motivations. It is this insight that facilitates the delivery of highly personalised, relevant and timely messages.

Marketing Automation is becoming fundamental to the lead nurturing process and the behavioural insights it provides enable you to apply a relevant Lead Score. It is this Lead Score that identifies prospects that are sales ready, enabling you to capitalise one high propensity prospects, increase conversion rates and overall marketing efficiencies.

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