IP Lead Tracking

90% of B2B Sales begin on-line, with only 2% of visitors completing an enquiry or making direct contact. So what happens to those potential Sales Leads that you are unable to identify and or qualify?

Historically your website analytics provide traffic reports and other useful statistics, although only capture a fraction of your sales leads that make a direct enquiry. JMB’s IP Lead Tracking solution allows you to identify those previously anonymous visitors, track the individual prospects journey, their actions and motivations.

IP Tracking reports criteria such as organisation, titles, geographic and contact detail, although more importantly it provides insight into behavioural information about your lead; their key search terms, how long they stayed on a page, which pages they visited and if they are a returning prospect.

This insight provides valuable intelligence into your Leads requirements, which stage of the sales cycle they are currently in and their key motivations. The IP tracking software will also identify prospects which had not previously been targeted, ensuring the continual development on the pipeline with already semi-engaged prospects.