Inbound Lead Management

Statistically inbound lead management increased inbound enquires 10 fold.

Inbound Lead Management

In today’s digital market place the Inbound Lead Generation Channels are vast. Whether via Content marketing, IP Sales Tracking solutions or something as simple as a UK phone line. Responding and managing your inbound sales leads in an effective manner is fundamental to reaching the optimum levels of lead conversion.

Time and the speed that you respond to your qualified and inbound leads is fundamental to successful lead conversion.

With 90% of B2B buying decisions starting online you may already have an IP sales tracking solution embedded in your website site enabling you to identify your inbound sales lead, what they looked at and for how long. But what are you doing with this valuable data and list of qualified and engaged B2B business leads?

Only 2% of web visitors make an online enquiry, leaving you with 98% of opportunities, which if not followed up and are quite simply missed opportunities.

As part of JMB’s inbound lead management, we provide a flexible resource to capitalise on each inbound lead engagement by filtering, identifying and managing inbound prospects that are sales ready – ensuring your internal sales team’s efforts are focused on converting leads that are fully qualified, engaged and where a specific business opportunity has been identified.