Foreign Direct Investment

Development of an effective FDI attraction strategy is essential to long-term economic growth.

Foreign Direct Investment

Attracting foreign direct investment is fundamental to long-term economic growth and development.

Delivering an effective FDI campaign demands a number of expertise. From company and global intelligence, market research and segmentation to lead identification, nurturing and delivery; we provide a strategic approach to identifying high propensity prospects.

We understand the requirements, the market variations and how to utilise the channels to create maximum impact and market opportunity to deliver highly effective international investment opportunities.

JMB Partnership offer the in-house resource, expertise and experience to identify and managed foreign direct investment opportunities. And have extensive experience of in-market and in-country representation.

We are fully certified by UK Government and UKTIs UKAN Network and Finpro; and have undertaken projects on behalf of clients with Austrade, Canada trade, Enterprise Ireland. In addition, James Blakemore Managing Director of JMB is regularly asked to speak by Foreign Direct Investment Agencies and UKTI at international events.