Data cleansing & management

Data is Queen and the foundation to effective market penetration.

Data cleansing & management

Data is one of the greatest assets a business holds and regular data cleansing will retain its value, protect your brand and ensure compliance.

Accurate data cleansing and qualification is fundamental to the success of any lead generation campaign and the foundation for effective prospect targeting. JMB recognise the importance of maintaining high quality data records and data qualification not only for customer retention, but to drive effective marketing campaigns.

To ensure you can maximise return on your data assets, our team will identify and verify decision maker details, ensure contact numbers and email addresses are correct and obtain any data that has not yet been captured. This will allow you to make the right decisions based on accurate and up to date information.

As part of this qualification and data cleansing, prospects will be ranked with both current and future opportunities captured. This facilitates long term opportunity forecasting and prospect nurturing to bolster your sales pipeline, resulting in continued development and a consistent flow of high quality new business leads and Sales Ready Leads.