Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection: UK Growth through Strategic Sales

Australian company Maintenance Connection have been developing and delivering Computerised Maintenance Software (CMMS software) solutions since 1999.

Looking to explore the market, Maintenance Connection (MC) appointed JMB to launch the brand and gain a foothold in the UK and Europe through a comprehensive lead generation campaign.

Through a highly targeted research and data collation the objective was to create engagement with potential clients with a view to introducing the Maintenance Connection brand.

Simultaneously to outbound activity, JMB managed all inbound web and telephone enquiries to provide a UK based and instil trust and authenticity with their potential clients.

Our Approach

JMB held several meetings with MC and Senior Managers to define the proposition, identify the key

objectives and gain knowledge of the organisation – a key part of our process when planning new client campaigns is to ensure the JMB team are fully equipped with knowledge of the product or service offering, enabling JMB to become an extension of the MC team.

Our next step was to commence a comprehensive lead generation campaign to communicate MC’s capabilities and gain initial sales introduction.

An integral extension of the organisation

The initial brief consisted of a pre-arranged meeting programme for the Managing Director of MC to attend during a UK visit.

During this initial trip, the members of the JMB team attended meetings alongside the Managing Director. Following his departure, equipped with the knowledge and product expertise, JMB attended and represented the meetings of behalf of Maintenance Connection.

Acting as the UK Sales office this flexible and transparent approach ensured the MC brand could continue to effectively develop meaningful relationships and business opportunities despite being based overseas.

The Results & Continued Success

JMB successfully secured a number of high profile meetings through an integrated lead generation approach of telemarketing, lead nurturing, inbound management and trade show attendance.

This integrated approach was highly successful and secured two active clients, one of which is still MC’s largest account to date.

Since project inception Maintenance Connection has gone from strength to strength.

By year 2, JMB had helped identify and recruit their initial full time sales staff for their dedicated UK office; and following this JMB has enjoyed a long relationship with MC whom now have 4 members of staff, 15 clients in the UK and Europe and are continuing to see growth throughout the UK and Europe.