Fastener Network

Fastener Network: Inbound Lead Management & Conversion

Fastener Network is an established fastener manufacturer based within the UK and operating worldwide.

Having been in operation for over 40 years Fastener Network have a well establish operation including internal Sales Team.

Due to existing market demand, the internal Sales Teams resource was focused on servicing an managing existing client accounts, leaving reduced resource to focus on new business development and increasing their market share.

As an extension of their internal team, JMB were appoint to manage Fastener Networks inbound lead enquiries, nurture and convert into Sales Ready Leads.

Our Approach

Adopting an integrated approach IP Tracking was implemented to identify potential prospects that had been active on the website. By ranking prospects and identify those with the highest level of engagement with the content,  JMB were able to filter prospects and allocate a lead score, thus ensuring all outbound Lead Generation resource was highly effective and only focused on those leads that presented higher propensity.

The Results

  • Secured new business accounts
  • Increased sales conversions
  • Reduced lead time
  • Increased resource efficiencies

JMB secured the opening of a number of client accounts and new orders, not only increasing market share and revenue.

In addition, by JMB becoming a trusted extension of their existing Sales Team and filtering prospects enabled the internal staff to only focus managing existing client accounts and converting pre-qualified, high quality Sales Ready Leads, thus reducing lead time and increasing conversion rates.