About Us

The JMB Partnership is an award winning B2B Sales & Marketing Agency, specialising in delivering high-quality Sales Leads through Integrated Lead Generation.

Having helped over 600 international companies generate multi-million pound sales pipelines and contracts, we understand the vital components required to deliver a highly successful lead generation campaign to exceed client expectations and maximise ROI.

Our Philosophy

Knowledge is King, data is Queen and delivery rules. Knowing your audience, identifying the opportunities and how the individual proposition is delivered is imperative to an effective outsourced sales and marketing campaign.


Our proven model achieves heighten B2B buyer engagement levels, ensuring a highly effective lead generation campaign and increased lead conversions.

Our Approach

In today’s market B2B buyers are continuously presented with marketing messages. To create added value, ensure brand recognition and support the lead nurturing process, prospects require engaging messages from various channels. We call this intelligent Lead Generation, an integrated approach which can increase ROI by up to 54%.

Strengthening and stimulating levels of brand engagement is essential to an effective sales strategy to deliver increased ROI and increased lead quality. At JMB we employ an integrated approach to ensure campaign activity creates heightened engagement for maximum market penetration and campaign effectiveness.

Our approach to Intelligent Lead Generation  enables you to overcome ‘white noise’ build greater awareness and reinforce a consistent marketing and sales message.

Not only does our approach create greater brand awareness, but it generates engaged inbound lead enquires enabling you to capitalise on warm leads and sales ready prospects.  In essence the Increased Engagement + Greater Understanding = Higher Lead Quality & Lower lead time.

With our knowledge and our years of professional experience within a breath of industries, JMB take the pressure off by strategically identifying new business development opportunities. We engage in effective dialogue with decision makers on your behalf by and nurturing your sales pipeline to build recognition, understanding and trust among your prospects, resulting in continued development and consistent flow of new business leads and growth.